The NetFoundry Cloud Demo Network

About the NetFoundry Cloud demo network

At NetFoundry, we have provisioned a network with a live web app that you can access from a NetFoundry endpoint software on your device. You can also get a view of the configurations of this demo network by logging into the NetFoundry console. You could experience this demo network before you start provisioning your own network with NetFoundry

Architecture of the NetFoundry Cloud demo network:


How to get started?

Write an email to selfsignups <> that you would like to experience the demo network.

We will revert to you with

1. Email that has the registration token for your device ( Mobile / Laptop - Windows / MAC / IOS / Android / Linux)

You won't have restrictions to run a private network from your personal laptop or mobile. But if you are trying to install the endpoint on a company provided and "locked" device, you may need to open IPs, ports and URLs in the outbound direction from your device.

The following IPs / URLs have to be allowed in your corporate network or security tool in the outbound direction. No ports or IPs are required to be open inbound.



Controller 443
Hosted Edge Routers


You can then proceed to installing and registering your endpoint identity to the network.

The instructions to download the endpoint and register your identity to the network can be found as below:







2. Invite to the NetFoundry Cloud demo network:

You would receive an invite to the NetFoundry Cloud demo network from

Once you accept the invite and set your login credentials, you would get a confirmation from


Key things to go through in the console:

You have been provided a read-only role to the network.

This is the dashboard view

1. Your endpoint - you can see the details of your endpoint including the online status under the endpoints section

2. Service configuration 

3. APPWAN Configuration

APPWAN configuration defines the list of services that a set of endpoints have access to

Access the app from your device with a registered endpoint

Your endpoint with a registered identity looks like this


Access the private web app from your browser using the URL  - http://myapp.ziti/ 


You can safely ignore the "not secure" alert on your browser. We chose not to go for a https version so that you don't have the trouble of downloading certs. 

When you turn off your endpoint and try to connect to the app, you won't be able to reach the app http://myapp.ziti/  since it is available only via the NetFoundry Cloud zero trust network.


Share your feedback of this demo experience at Your feedback matters.


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