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CloudZiti offers centralized control, visibility, and data-driven metrics regardless of underlying network or cloud providers via the Management and Orchestration Platform (“MOP”) or APIs. The details described in this document are available via APIs as well. Pls refer to the API documentation at 

In this document, we will walk you through the Metrics capabilities of the CloudZiti Management and Orchestration Platform.

Metrics Explorer 

The Metrics Explorer section in the console provides a real-time view of the network usage - by Identities(Endpoints)/services/edge routers/direction.

The metrics explorer enables organizations to track zero trust network adoption by users which helps decision-makers understand the adoption or usage of new/critical applications.

The reports are available for different time periods - 1 hr / 6 hrs / 24 hrs / 3 days / 7 days / 30 days.  The console also allows you to search for metrics based on specific time frames. The reports can be downloaded in the CSV format. 

The change of time scale as shown below will change the time scale in the pods in this Metrics section - Dialling identities, hosting identities, Usage by Service, and Top Usage/ Usage by Resource.

A. Network Metrics Usage by Attribute:

Metrics Explorer, one of the most insightful features of the console allows the filtering of metrics by Identities(Endpoint) attributes. Admins can gain visibility to a specific group of Identities(Endpoints).

B. Dialling & Hosting Identities(Endpoints)

The pod shows the total utilization for the dialling and hosting identities for the selected time periods - 1 hr / 6 hrs / 24 hrs / 3 days / 7 days / 30 days.


C. Top Usage/ Usage by Resource Type

The 'Top X' pod plots a pie chart of the top "talkers" over the network including Dialling/ Hosting identities, and services. 

You can also view the usage by Dialling/ Hosting identities, services, and directions for different time periods - 1 hr / 6 hrs / 24 hrs / 3 days / 7 days / 30 days.

Resource-level metrics

Metrics Explorer gives the overall utilization metrics of the network in one single view that can be further drilled down.

Resource level metrics provide utilization of each resource such as services, identities(endpoints), and edge routers. You can go to the service, edge router, or identities(endpoints) sections in the console and hit the metrics icon to view the specific metrics of the resource. 

A. Identities (Endpoints) metrics

B. Service metrics

In addition to usage, Service metrics also display service dial health.

Service metrics are essential for monitoring the health and performance of the 'Service' and for quickly identifying and diagnosing any issues that may arise during its operation. By analyzing these metrics, you can gain insights into the service's reliability, responsiveness, and overall operational status.

The half piechart shows the overall % of service dial health and the graph allows users to view the individual metrics under service dial health.

Dial Metrics When does it occur?
service.dial.success All route responses are returned successfully That route response returned with an error
service.dial.timeout If all route responses are not received in time
service.dial.error_other If there is no terminator/dial identity for the service or if there is no path from initiating edge router

C. Edge Router metrics

The Edge Router metrics that can be viewed under each edge-router, provide detailed information about the aggregate usage by dialling identities and hosting identities for services hosted by the edge-router, for selected time periods - 1 hr / 6 hrs / 24 hrs / 3 days / 7 days / 30 days.

Identities (Endpoints) last seen

Identities last-seen data is available under the Identities list section as well as under the individual Identities in the console and is part of the CSV that is downloadable. 

  • You can get to know the time last seen of an endpoint. This will help in troubleshooting as well as tracking adoption.
  • The last seen column under the Identities table has a filter that allows you to filter Identities by the last seen time/date. For example - if you apply the last seen date as 1st March 2023, the Identities that are last seen since 1st Match 2023 would be listed. 

Identities(Endpoints) Dial logs

Identities(Endpoints) dial logs are aimed to provide details for troubleshooting failures in service dials and also for detailed logging. 

The dial logs of an identity(endpoint) can be accessed via the endpoint details against each identity in the identities table of the console. This feature is supported currently for services hosted by ERT ( Edge Router Tunneler).

For more details, refer to our support guide "Understanding Identity (Endpoint) Dial logs".


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