How to Install & Run ziti-mobile-edge on Android

ziti-mobile-edge is an Android app that configures a transparent proxy for the OpenZiti Edge. This means the device where it is running will be able to connect to any OpenZiti services with DNS or IP address, and any servers that are reachable by the device may be published to the OpenZiti Network.


Follow the below steps to install and verify ZME on Android

Step 1: Create an endpoint and download JWT

You need an enrollment token ( JWT) that is issued to you by your administrator of the NetFoundry console. If you have the registration token, proceed to step 2.

If you have to provision your endpoint, click here, for step by step process of creating an endpoint and downloading the JWT

Step 2: Install ZME from the play store

Go to play store on Android mobile and search for Ziti Mobile Edge, click on the install button as shown below.




Step 3: Enroll the Identity

Once the ZME is installed, open the app >> click on add identity >> select the registration token (JWT) which is shared by your administrator or created by yourself.



The app will automatically enrolls the selected registration token. After successful registration, you can see the enrolled identities in the identity list shown below.


Step 4: Run ZME

Once the Identity is successfully enrolled, click on the tap to connect button to enable the ZME.



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