Enrolling MFA from Ziti Desktop Edge for Windows

Setting Up MFA on the Client/Endpoint

NetFoundry used "TOTP" based authentication for MFA. You can use any TOTP app / solution of your choice.

After enrolling an identity click on it and open the detail page. On the detail page click the toggle to enable MFA:

MFA Initialization


NOTE: User can set up MFA on the windows edge client at any time once the identity is enrolled.  This will not impact your service access UNTIL you/your administrator enables MFA on a given APPWAN.


After toggling the toggle, a QR Code will be generated and displayed and will look like:

  1. Shows the QR Code. Use your mobile to scan the code into an authenticator application of your choice.
  2. If a OTP-style application is installed and is mapped on the system to open links starting with otpauth://
  3. Show Secret will show you the secret that can be used to manually install the token into an authenticator app like Google authenticator or Microsoft authenticator.
  4. Once the token is imported into the authenticator app - enter the 6-digit code into the "Authentication Code" field and click the button to enroll the identity for MFA.

MFA Initialization


Post MFA Enrollment

After enrolling the identity it will be automatically authorized for the current session and recovery codes will be shown. Save these recovery codes as they will be needed in case the token is ever lost. 

These recovery codes will be your only backup if you lose your MFA, so it is important to save them somewhere safe.

The detail screen will change and show two new icons:

  1. The first icon will show the recovery codes for the identity if needed
  2. The lock icon show the MFA status and represents if the identity has successfully been authorized.

MFA enrollment codes


You can click the recovery code icon on your endpoint to save the codes if you missed saving them during MFA enrollment



Authenticating Using a Time-based One-time Token

After being enrolled should the session become invalid the lock icon will change to a yellow color and be shown on the main page. Click on the lock icon on either screen or click the "Authenticate" button on the detail page to initiate authentication.

MFA Main Page Auth Needed MFA Detail Page Auth Needed

A dialog will be shown. Enter the code and complete authentication.

MFA Main Page Auth Needed


The services shall load on your endpoint only after the MFA token has been authenticated and the endpoint, authorized. 

Manage MFA

After setting up MFA, you will see that under MANAGE ENDPOINTS, the endpoints attached to the APPWAN that you enabled MFA will now show YES under Enrolled MFA.


Reset MFA:

MFA reset may be needed if the user has changed the device that's running MFA TOTP authenticator app or the app itself. Hit the hamburger menu against the endpoint and select reset MFA.



Note that you can reset MFA from the endpoint by disabling MFA in the endpoint and enabling again.


Both the above options will require the user to add the account again in the TOTP app. 

MFA Timer Prompt:

The timer icon will come up in the WDE UI against the identity <= 20 minutes to MFA expiry time.

Ex : if the MFA authorization is set to be prompted at 12:30 PM, the timer icon will come up at 12:11 PM

You might also get a notification under Windows notifications.


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