NetFoundry and Customer scope of activities & responsibilities

In this document, we have tried to capture the activities that NetFoundry performs as part of our "Network As A Service" offering vs the activities a customer or our partner is expected to perform to manage the services for optimal operations.

List of activities that NetFoundry performs: 

1. Maintain, monitor, and manage all the software and infrastructure of

    • NetFoundry console ( MOP)
    • NetFoundry fabric (NetFoundry Hosted Public ERs)
    • NetFoundry controller

2. Inform customers about the latest software releases by publishing updates online

3. Provide online documentation for software deployment and troubleshooting via support hub

4. Provide online documentation for ease of usability of NetFoundry service components via support hub

5. Publish platform/ feature updates in the NetFoundry support hub

6. Assist customers with the procedure to upgrade NetFoundry software

7. Assist customers with the procedure to perform change management

List of activities that a customer performs: 

1. Maintain, monitor, and manage the compute resources needed to run NetFoundry software such as edge routers, endpoints, etc ( VM / resource utilization ( CPU / Disk), availability, etc)

2. Ensure the Edge Router, Endpoints are upgraded to the latest releases published online and based on the recommendations made by NetFoundry.

3. Maintain, monitor, and manage the underlay ( internet) required for the edge endpoints/software.

4. Subscribe for notifications for alerts via email notifications and act on the same. 

5. Manage access to the NetFoundry console for the Organization and Networks.

6. Manage the edge devices, apps, etc that run NetFoundry software / SDKs to specifications  suggested by NetFoundry

7. From time to time, based on the list of public ERs, ensure that all the edge endpoints have the required NetFoundry domain names and IPs reachable.  

Use appropriate tooling such as scripts to detect that all the ports / IPs are reachable.

Note: Our Edge Routers are configured for auto-update, so the OS takes all the security related updates from the Ubuntu repos automatically.


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