Best practices for testing outbound firewall configurations -- Windows / Powershell


Prior to configuring services and Appwans for endpoints, we recommend users to test the connectivity to the NetFoundry resources such as Network Controller and Transit/Fabric Edge Routers. 


1. To get started, login to your NetFoundry platform web console.



2. Navigate to the Manage Networks page.



3. Select the Firewall Info from the option menu on the right side of the network listing.



4. Note the IP for the Network Controller and NetFoundry Hosted Edge Router(s) only.



5. Create and  save the following powershell script into a directory of your choice. Open Windows PowerShell ISE or other text editor and place contents into file and save as ps1 file.


$ipaddress = Read-Host "Enter the IP address of your Controller or NetFoundry Hosted Edge Router:"
$port = Read-host "Enter the port number to access:"

$t = New-Object System.Net.Sockets.TcpClient
$t.Connect($ipaddress, $port)
"This connection using port $port is operational"

"Connectivity to Port $port is blocked, You many need to check firewall config."



Windows PowerShell ISE example below:


6. From the script directory run the script .\your-script-name.ps1 If the connection to the IP and 443 is operational,  you have established the required outbound connectivity to your controllers and NF Hosted Edge Routers.

  • Enter the IP address of your Controller or NetFoundry Hosted Edge Router
  • Enter port 443 


If the outbound connectivity is blocked, it will return a failure after some time.





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