Collecting Logs - Docker Container Edge Router

Collecting logs from Customer Edge Routers

Use the below command to collect the logs from the Docker container ER.

docker logs {container id}

Find below to know more options for the docker logs command

docker logs --help 

Usage: docker logs [OPTIONS] CONTAINER

Fetch the logs of a container

docker container logs, docker logs

--details Show extra details provided to logs
-f, --follow Follow log output
--since string Show logs since timestamp (e.g. "2013-01-02T13:23:37Z") or relative (e.g. "42m" for 42 minutes)
-n, --tail string Number of lines to show from the end of the logs (default "all")
-t, --timestamps Show timestamps
--until string Show logs before a timestamp (e.g. "2013-01-02T13:23:37Z") or relative (e.g. "42m" for 42 minutes)


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