Troubleshooting Ziti Desktop Edge for MAC

Troubleshooting Ziti Desktop Edge for MAC

  1. Check the OS version compatibility and verify if you're running the latest version of Ziti Desktop for Mac.                                                                mceclip8.png                                 
  2. Updating Ziti Desktop Edge for Mac - Go to or go directly at the apple store at to download and install.

    NOTE: Please make sure to turn off your MAC Ziti Desktop Edge before updating. Update will not be successful unless the app is turned off. 

  3. Open the Ziti Desktop Edge for Mac UI and make sure an identity shows up.                                      mceclip9.png
  4. Looking at the identity and make sure there are services. If no services show up the overlay network configuration is incorrect and needs correction.                                                                                    mceclip6.png
  5. Looking at the identity make sure the name of the identity is the one expected to see
  6. Looking at the identity - verify if it is ‘Enabled’
  7. Click on the identity - the identity details card will pop up. Look at the services listed and make sure the service you expect to see is there
  8. Verify the service does not have a warning sign displayed. A warning sign will generally mean the network configuration is incorrect and more than one service will have the same intercept hostname and port specified. Update one or both services accordingly.
  9. Increase logging and recreate the problem to aid debugging. Level Up the logging to at least debug sometimes trace or verbose will be asked for. blobid0.png                                                             


 DO NOT LEAVE LOGGING ON TRACE or VERBOSE. These logging levels are very disk intensive and should only be used for short periods of time.

10. If all these checks pass - collect all the logs and post in adv-dev for help

There are two ways to gather logs

The First way is to click on the ziti desktop edge icon on the status bar, you have Logging menu -> Clicking on "Packet Tunnel" or "Application" will open the logs as seen below:




If you aren't able to access them via Ziti UI, the V7 logs in Mac is in the path "/Users/<Username>/Library/GroupContainers/"



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