Enrolling MFA from NetFoundry Ziti Mobile Edge (IOS)


NetFoundry has launched support for MFA on Ziti Mobile Edge (IOS) starting version 2.24. This article takes you through the steps in enabling MFA on Ziti Mobile edge.


Steps to enable MFA on ZME(IOS):

Ziti Mobile Edge should be updated to the latest version by checking About Ziti Mobile Edge >> Version x.xx (Check the latest version for IOS Ziti Mobile Edge at the downloads page)


  • Download the application. Add and enrol the identity

 11.png                   22.png

33.png                      44.png


  • You'll need to click on the MFA Enable toggle >> when a pop out of a QR code appears, get your mobile phone and use any TOTP authenticator app you have to scan the QR code >> Enter the code from Authenticator >> click OK

55.png            7.png


  • You should see MFA turn green once enrolled:


  • You are all set!!




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