ZEDS (Ziti Edge Developer Sandbox) User Guide


This guide explains the basic steps for using the Ziti Edge Developer Sandbox environment to quickly get started creating applications, identities, and services.  The information will help you successfully test sample services.


Signup to ZEDS

To register for an account to access ZEDS, all you need to do is create a user name and password.  There is no software to install, and no credit card is required.  ZEDS is completely free.

To signup: 

In a Browser, navigate to: https://zeds.openziti.org and enter your email and password.



If you already have an account, select the "Sign in" link below the "Let's Get Started" button.  Then, enter your user name and password.


Welcome to ZEDS

Upon initial signup, you will see a quick start guide.   

Choices include 

  • A guided tutorial to help you get started with the basics for developing applications and connecting to sample applications.
  • Tutorial for developing an entire sample SDK embedded application
  • Reading Open Ziti documentation
  • Start building applications
  • Manage existing applications


Note: If you don't want to see this page upon login in the future, select the "hide this page" button below the options.   If you want it to appear again, select the "Start Page" from the user selection at the upper right. 






Create a ZEDS Application

Creating a ZEDS Application and its components can be done by selecting "Start Building Applications" from the Quick Start Guide or the Application Screen will be shown upon login if you have chosen to hide the Quick Start Guide.  To create your first application:

  • add an application name,
  • add one or more identity names (for your application or Client identities),
  • add one or more service names for the services you will be using

Name your application, identity(s), and service(s) and select the "Build my App" button at the lower right.




You will then see the Managing Application Screen with your Identities, Services, and "Preconfigured Test Services".   

Setup Identities

Identities are used to assign to applications or NetFoundry Ziti clients (such as Windows Desktop or MAC desktop).  Download and Install a client here:


The token button next to the identity can be used to download a "jwt" token for registration.  This is used by a Ziti client or SDK to register the app or client.   Once registered and online, the client can access a provisioned Ziti service.

Select "Token" Icon to download the one-time token file to be used by the Ziti Desktop Client to Enroll an Identity.


For more information about Ziti Identities, refer to the OpenZiti documentation for Ziti Identities at the link below: 




Enroll Identity

Open your Ziti Desktop App from Toolbar and Select the Add Identity button.  Follow the steps to locate and select the enrollment token download in the previous step.  Enroll the identity and ensure the Ziti Desktop edge is turned on.

Windows example:



Test Services

The test services have been pre-provisioned as a convenient way to try out some pre-configured Zero Trust Services.   These services are only accessible via the NF ZEDS network with a client that has been registered.  Before you can access the "Test Services", you will need to download and install a Ziti Client (Ziti desktop client, for example) and register it using the one-time token obtained from the Ziti Identity you create along with a ZEDS application, as described above in the Setup Identities section.

Select one of the Pre-configured Test Services buttons and follow the instructions to learn about that service and access it using a browser. 


Managing ZEDS Applications

You can manage your ZEDS applications by selecting the "Managing ZEDS applications" option in the Quick Start Guide Menu, or the Manage Applications screen will be shown upon login if you have chosen to hide the Quick Start Guide.

Select the "Select an Application" dropdown menu at the upper left to choose the application you want to manage.   You can also add a new application and its components via the "+" button.






Configuring services

Services define how the client and network will intercept and relay data across your Zero Trust application.   Once you add a service name, you can hover over the service name box to view a clipboard with the entire service name needed by the Zero Trust SDK application software for referencing the service.   To add/edit a service intercept and host configuration select the "Edit" icon to be taken to the service detail page.    For more information on OpenZiti services refer to the Ziti Services Documentation found at the link below:


This link is also available by selecting the "Learn More" link in the Manage Services box as show below.







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