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Ziti is a modern, programmable network overlay and associated edge componentry for application-embedded, zero-trust networking. Written by developers for developers.  Know more about the open source ziti platform. The ziti platform powers the NetFoundry NAAS offering. Ziti is built by NetFoundry.



What is it?

"Zitification" or "zitifying" is the act of taking an application and incorporating a Ziti SDK into that application. Once an application has a Ziti SDK incorporated into it, that application can now access network resources securely from anywhere in the world provided that the computer has internet access: NO VPN NEEDED, NO ADDITIONAL SOFTWARE NEEDED.


Why Zitify or Why embed zero trust security into your APP:

Integrating a Ziti SDK into your application and enrolling the application itself into a Ziti Network provides you with * tremendous* additional security. An application using a Ziti Network configured with a truly zero-trust mindset will be IMMUNE to the "expand/multiply" phases of classic ransomware attacks. As recent events have shown, it's probably not a case of if your application will be attacked, but when.



Zitify a simple reflect server using golang-SDK

Enable Prometheus to Scrape Anything from Anywhere 

Video demo  - 

Zitifying Kubectl 

Video demo - 


See more on ziti and zitifications here - 


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