Enable Two-Factor Authentication for Your Organization


Two-Factor Authentication (2FA) can be turned on for everyone signing into your organization. When it is enabled, the NetFoundry Console will require it for all of your users; it cannot be enabled or disabled on a per-user basis. 2FA is provided by Google Authenticator, which is free for IOS and Andriod mobile operating systems.

Download Google Authenticator

To download Google Authenticator for your mobile device, check out one of these links:

All of your users must have it installed when you enable 2FA in order to sign-in.

Enabling Two-Factor Authentication

  1. Navigate to Organization by clicking on the org icon Screen_Shot_2020-05-08_at_2.49.07_PM.png in the lower left-hand corner of the page, above your avatar, and select Organizational Settings from the navigation panel.
  2. Toggle the Two-Factor authentication option to enable 2FA.


Signing-In With Two-Factor Authentication Enabled

With 2FA enabled, your users will sign into your organization with their username and password as usual, but will then be prompted to enter a 6-digit code before being allowed to continue. They must retrieve the code from their Google Authenticator app and enter at the prompt. Entering the correct code will allow them to continue onto the site. 


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