How to Configure Syslog Client on the NetFoundry Ubuntu VM

This guide will provide basic instructions on how to configure the NetFoundry VM as a rsyslog client to ship system log to a remote syslog server.


The NetFoundry Ubuntu VM comes with rsyslog already installed and running.  To enable it to send logs to a remote system we need to create a configuration file & place it in the appropriate directory.


The basic syntax for a configuration to ship logs to are remote:

For a remote listening on UDP:

{filter} @{host name of remote}:{port}

For a remote listening on TCP:

{filter} @@{host name of remote}:{port}


An example to ship all logs to a TCP enabled syslog server at the IP over port 514

*.* @@

An example to ship authentication logs to a UDP enabled syslog server located at over port 514



The configuration need to be created in the following directory and should have the .conf extension:


An example configuration file:



To learn more about rsyslog configuration(s) you can use the following command while in an SSH session on the NetFoundry VM:

man rsyslog.conf


To learn more around rsyslog you can visit the website






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