Issue in provisioning Oracle Cloud Edge Routers - NetFoundry Hosted

Dated: 8th March 2022

About the issue:

Oracle edge router deployment is not working as expected since 1st March 2022. A new image for the template was published and deployment is failing since then with the latest image. The cause of the problem has been identified to do with the oracle cloud deploy service.

What you will observe:

Registration of the OCI ERs will not get completed as it enters a hung state. The issue is intermittent. 

Current status:

Our team is investigating the cause and a fix is still expected. An ETA for the fix will be announced soon.


For the NetFoundry hosted edge routers, we suggest that you select an alternate cloud platform till the issue is fixed. Customers of the "Teams" plan will have to wait till the fix is released. 

Latest Update - 9th March 2022:

The Root Cause of the Oracle Deploy issue is a latent issue in the MOP backend Oracle cloud deploy service. There was a loop asking for public IP addresses and it didn't exit under certain conditions (number of active public IP addresses), which created intermittent behaviour.

The problem has been fixed and verified in production. 

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