Platform update November 2021


This update covers items released over the last month.  Release Notes October 11th are covered in this bulletin.  Highlights include the release of "user role view " in the console and "resource-level metrics".


User roles:

Last month, we launched the option of downloading a CSV list with the list of console users and their roles. We have now launched a section under organization - > Users called "User Roles" where you can view the list of roles and the users who have been assigned those roles.


You should have org access to be able to view all the available roles. Click on "show users" against the respective roles to view all the users who have been assigned the specific role.

Resource level metrics

Metrics explorer gives the overall utilization metrics of the network in one single view that can be further drilled down. Resource level metrics have been launched for resources such as services, endpoints and edge routers. You can go to any service/edge router or endpoint in the console and hit the metrics icon to view the specific metrics of the resource. 

Example - individual endpoint metrics




Support Guides / Software Releases:

Closing Thoughts

If you have any questions or feedback about these features or anything to do with NetFoundry please contact us at 



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