Platform Update October 2021


This update covers items released over the last month. Highlights include the release of " Multi-Factor Authentication  - Posture Check" which is one of its first in the industry with the various configurable options for MFA authorization.


Posture Check - Multi-Factor Authentication

MFA has been available as an option in the APPWAN for windows desktop edge endpoints. With the introduction of the MFA posture check, MFA is now added as the 5th posture check option that NetFoundry provides. If you would like try MFA posture check, upgrade your network to version 7.3.37 or above via the NetFoundry customer support team.


NetFoundry understands that different businesses need different MFA settings that suit their security requirements and MFA posture check provides configurable options that can be applied per APPWAN.



MFA is currently supported in NF windows desktop edge. For a detailed understanding of MFA posture check and configuration steps, pls go through our support guide on MFA posture check here.  

You may also find details on what changes to expect if you have currently enabled MFA in your APPWANs and would like to upgrade to network version 7.3.37 & above.


Download Org - user roles from the console

The option to download the list of org users and their respective roles is now available in the console. Select all or some of the users whose role report you would like to download and hit the three dots on the top right -> select download user roles and an excel file shall be downloaded with the list of user roles, user IDs and their email IDs.



In addition, you can also view the roles of a single user by clicking on the show roles option against each console user. 



Support Guides / Software Releases:

Closing Thoughts

If you have any questions or feedback about these features or anything to do with NetFoundry please contact us at 

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