Deployment Guide for AliCloud Edge Routers



This install guide will walk you through the steps required to launch a NetFoundry Edge Router VM in your AliCloud VPC and assumes you have already created the Edge Router in your NetFoundry network and captured the registration one-time key.


Launching the Edge Router

To get started, visit the AliCloud Marketplace site by clicking here. If the marketplace doesn't come up, you can go to the search bar that appears, enter NetFoundry Edge Router and click the resulting solution that appears.

To launch the instance Click on "Choose Your Plan"


If the above fails, you can also go directly into the Elastic Compute Service and search for our image.


Once in the ECS Console:

  • Choose the Billing Method fit your need
  • Choose the region and zone you want your VM to deploy in
  • Choose the instance type. We recommend at least 2 vCPUs + 4GiB Memory
  • Choose number of Instances you want
  • The Marketplace Image should already be NetFoundry Edge Router (You can also search here)
  •  Choose the size of Disk. The default size is okay.

Click on the (Next: Networking) to continue

  • Choose the VPC & vSwitch you would like use when deploying the VM
  • Choose if you would like to assign a public IP
  • Choose the Security Group you'd like to assing

Click on the (Next: System Configurations) to continue

  • Choose the SSH "KeyPair" you'd like to associate with the instance.  ! We don't support password authentication.
  • Provide an instance name
  • Provide a hostname if necessary
  • Click on the drop down: Advanced (based on instance RAM roles or cloud-init) 
  • In the User Data input box you can use the following:
  • #!/bin/bash
    /opt/netfoundry/router-registration {key}

Click on the Preview to continue

  • Accept the terms of service 

Click on the Create Instance to launch the VM


Advanced Registration Parameters

In the above example we used the most simple form of the router-registration command. Know more about the registration command and the parameters available for special cases such as configuring transit link listeners in How to Register the Edge Router VM.


Troubleshooting Registration

If automatic registration seems to have failed you may instead perform manual registration with these instructions.


Reviewed 5/1/2023

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