Customer Edge Router Re-Registration

Re-registration is the process of re-enrolling the ER to the NW.

Follow below steps to re-register the Edge Router 

MOP Console

Step 1: Login to Netfoundry MOP console and Go to Edge Routers section

Step 2: Select the ER you would like to re-register

Step 3: Click on the three dots and click on Re-Enroll as shown in below capture



Copy Registration Key

  • Once you click on the Re-Enroll the ER registrations status will show as Not Registered
  • Open the ER and click on the Registration Key to copy the new registration token



Login to ER

  • Once you have the token login to the ER and use below command to re-register the ER. Replace the <registration key> with the token
sudo router-registration <registration key> --force



  • After a successful registration, the ER registration status will show as registered.



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