OCI Cloud - Ingress High Availability


The network load balancer that can be deployed in the Oracle Cloud fits the architecture and features we are looking for as described in this article Ingress High Availability in Public Clouds . More details can be found at this link for those interested. Overview of Flexible Network Load Balancing

Automated deployment into your OCI VCN using terraform plan is described in 
this Github repo NLB OCI README

Important Notes: 

Add an ingress rule to the ER security group to allow in health check probes, i.e. tcp/8081. The load balancer hashing algorithm is set to 5-tuple by default. The NLB supports 3 and 2 tuple as well. 

Load Balancer Details --> Backend Sets --> Edit BackEnd Set

Configuration Steps:

  1. Log into the OCI Cloud Console Oracle Cloud Infrastructure

  2. Navigate to Networking → Load Balancers

  3. Click on “Create Load Balancer” and select “Network Load Balancer”.mceclip8.png

  4. Select Type Private , VCN along with desired Subnet, then hit next.mceclip5.png

  5. Select “UDP/TCP/ICPM“ as Type of Traffic and hit next.mceclip4.png

  6. Select at least two Edge Rotes as Backend server and configured the health checks as required. The weight can be left at 1 unless different weight are desired, i.e. processing all sessions through one ingress router.mceclip6.png

  7. Hit “Create Network Load Balancer”mceclip7.png

  8. If NLB was created successfully and connectivity to the ERs is up, The status should show as OK.mceclip0.png

  9. Update the routing table to point to the LB Front End Private IP for routes to be sent over NF Network.mceclip1.png

  10. Repeat this step for every route that needs to be routed through the NLB.
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