Platform update June 2023


This bulletin covers announcements from NetFoundry, features released between April 2023 and June 2023, latest blogs & articles. Highlights include the launch of capabilities in CloudZiti console to provision "BrowZer" and new features such as branding of

New features launched in CloudZiti:

Branding of the console :

Our customers and partners can set the colour theme for the console to match their organization's branding. The org admins can set the of the colour of their choice under the organization settings.



Before (Default)                                                     After changing the colour theme


Improvement to the endpoint CSV download:

In the last quarter, we introduced the "Managed by" indicator as a column in the endpoints section. The file download now includes the "managed by" details to analyze endpoints created by sync vs manually or by the router. 

Provisioning "BrowZer" via CloudZiti's console:

CloudZiti console now has the option to provision "BrowZer" endpoints, WSS enabled edge routers and integrate with the IDP for authentication. Pls watch the docs & guides section for documentation on how to provision "BrowZer" in the coming months. You may reach out to if you would like to deploy the "BrowZer" solution


Updates openziti adopters, latest blogs, articles & videos:

NetFoundry and our customers have been working together on the journey of application / solution embedded zero trust networking that is the most secure of all the zero trust network models. 

  • How to build dark API portals with ziti and "BrowZer" - this  blog written by one of the openziti community evangelists and CTO of  SPS, Rolando, covers how Ziti and "BrowZer" can help secure access to API portals from a browser without the need for endpoints. 
  • New members listed under OpenZiti adopters public page
    • KubeZT - Zero Trust Kubernetes  - is an on-demand Kubernetes environment that enables developers to build and deploy highly secure applications for high-compliance organizations
    • Analytics HQ -  is a next-generation unified platform built for modern data management and advanced analytics.
    • PITS Global Data Recovery Services - is a data recovery company in the United States that offers services for recovering data from hard drives, SSDs, flash drives, RAID arrays and more.

Articles , updates and software releases:

  • The following articles are added:

Solution Recipe: NetFoundry’s CloudZiti Zero Trust overlay for secure log collection and management of SIEM / SOAR platforms

Support guide: Best practices for testing outbound firewall configurations -- Windows / Powershell

Closing Thoughts:

Watch our youtube channel and openziti channel for updates, demos and all exciting stuff on NetFoundry. If you are interested in our "Browzer" solution ,, or if you have any feedback about these features, please contact us at You can also reach out to us on the same email address if you would like to participate in the customer spotlight sessions. 

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