Platform Update - April 2021


Over the last month NetFoundry has been busy improving things for our users.  In our platform console users will have seen our new Network Visualizer, improved User Interface for our list views, new reports and better visibility across the network. 

Console Enhancements

Introducing the Network Visualizer

Our first release of the Network Visualizer allows network administrators to see how all the different components fit together and their relationships.


As you use the visualizer please let us know the enhancements you'd like to see.

New Dashboard Charts

We've added in a number of new new charts, the first for the number of active endpoints during the period selected.  This shows the number of endpoints that are actively communicating over the network.  The others are the top "talkers" over the network and includes endpoints, services, and edge routers.


Continued Enhancements across the table views

We continue to improve the user experience across our table views, these include the ability to size columns, add/remove attributes, filter and of course download these tables via .csv.  The development team continues to add these across all these views.


New Report

We now have a report available that provides data transmitted and received by each endpoint each day.


Other improvements

Our Cloud Team continues to evolve our software and provide updates our Edge Routers and Endpoints.

New O/S for Edge Routers

Our Edge Router images were built on the CentOS 7.x platform.  We have moved to the Ubuntu 20.04 platform for all of our Edge Router images.  This changes has been implemented for all of our images.  You should utilize the "NetFoundry Edge Router" from the various cloud marketplaces.





As well as the other marketplaces.

For more information see this Tech Bulletin.

Please Note:  This is for all customers utilizing Edge Routers.  If you are a customer utilizing our V6 Network Technology with Gateways you will continue to utilize the "NetFoundry Zero Trust Networking Platform" images in the various cloud marketplaces.

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