Platform update March 2023


This bulletin covers announcements from NetFoundry, features released between December 2022 and March 2023, updates on openziti adopters, latest blogs, articles & customer spotlight interviews. Highlights include the launch of our new product "zrok" built on ziti and new features launched in CloudZiti such as service search by IP / host name/ port number, dial logs for endpoints and delete protection.

NetFoundry launches ZROK:

NetFoundry has launched which is an open source sharing solution built on OpenZiti, the zero trust networking platform. Zrok is available as SaaS or self-hosted. provides Private or Public, instant, secure tunneling of applications from anywhere. Secured effortlessly by using a zero trust overlay network provided by OpenZiti. Know more about zrok at the getting started page. If you are interested in trying out zrok on your device using the NetFoundry hosted ZROK instance, ping us at and we will send you an enrollment token. 


New features launched in CloudZiti:

Service search by IP / Host Name/ports : 

The service table in console now allows to search for services by the address (intercept / host)  and ports ( intercept / host) .  This is applicable for both the intercept and host addresses and ports.  One can search for the addresses by selecting host name or IP address as how the services are configured.


Example - search for services by host name

Example - search for service address by IP address

Example - search for service address by ports or port ranges


Delete Protection by Org:

To prevent accidental deletion of resources in the console, a new feature of delete protection has been launched. In the current version, delete protection is applied at the org level. This means that all networks under an org and its resources will be protected. 

One can delete protection by going to the Organization - > Organizational settings

Example of a delete protection prompt :


"Managed by indicator"  for endpoints: 

The endpoints table now has a column "Managed" which is an indicator to identify endpoints created by integrations ( client sync with AD) or by routers (router endpoint).

Example: Managed by integrations


Example: Managed by router

Note - the CSV download does not include this data and is the pipeline for development. 


Endpoint last seen date and time filter

The last seen column under the endpoints table now has a filter that allows you to filter endpoints by the last seen time / date. Example - if you apply the last seen date as 1st March 2023, the endpoints that are last seen since 1st Match 2023 would be listed. 




Dial logs for endpoints: 

Dial logs are available now under the endpoint details


The support guide explaining the use of dial logs, error codes and description is here.

Hosting entity metrics is now available via our API:

We have added support for metrics data for hosting entities to our API and the new fields to look for in the utilization data are

nf_host_id - Hosting endpoint ID 


nf_host_name - Hosting Endpoint Name


Updates openziti adopters, latest blogs, articles & videos:

NetFoundry and our customers have been working together on the journey of application / solution embedded zero trust networking that is the most secure of all the zero trust network models. 

  1. Resulticks, a customer data platform provider 
  2. Delta Secure, a security consulting, SOC and implementation provider.

Articles , updates and software releases:

  • The following solution recipes are added:

Securely connect to remote private applications FROM Azure Functions/API's

Securely connect to Private Endpoint Azure Functions Applications

Securing Azure AKS API Service with OpenZiti Module and NGINX

Closing Thoughts:

Watch our youtube channel and openziti channel for updates, demos and all exciting stuff on NetFoundry. If you are interested in our "Browzer" solution ,, or if you have any feedback about these features, please contact us at You can also reach out to us on the same email address if you would like to participate in the customer spotlight sessions. 

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