What's the community?

The Help Center community consists of posts and comments organized by topic. Posts might include tips, feature requests, or questions. Comments might include observations, clarifications, praise, or any other response that's part of a typical community discussion. Note: Don't confuse topics with articles. In the community, topics are top-level containers for posts.

You can use search or you can browse the topics and posts using views and filters. See Getting around the community.

We created a few common topics as placeholder content to help you get started. You can delete the topics and add your own. To learn how, see Managing community content.

Each user in your community has a Help Center profile (Guide Professional only), so your community members can get to know one another better. Profiles contain relevant information about the community member, along with their activities and contributions to the community. Profiles also give each community member the option to follow another user and get notifications when that user makes a post or comment.

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  • This is best information to know about community this will helps a lot to understand about that community we can share our thoughts regularly ....FE

  • EndNote libraries can be accessed over the network, including networks running Macintosh and Windows workstations. Multiple users on the network can access the EndNote library simultaneously in read-only mode. This way, users can search for references, cite them in their articles, and create references. In EndNote, multiple network users cannot edit a single library at the same time.


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