2.91.0 March 1, 2022 - March 14, 2022 Release Notes

Release Dates to Production: March 1, 2022 - March 14, 2022

Customer Features / Fixes

Product V7 - Zero Trust Networks Console / Core API Enhancements and Fixes:

User Interface changes features:

Console Signup/Usage (Teams/Growth)

  • Added: Teams plan limits Edge Routers to Oracle platform.
  • Added: Cancel Account-subscription by customer hides controls to create new items on network.
  • NOTE: Console limits Teams to 10 component items for creation.  When limit is reached and customer tries to create new item, a pop up communicates this, and option to go to subscription management to upgrade to Growth plan is shown.

Changed/Added: Services Configuration requires "." in intercept hostnames.  For example: "server1.acme".... versus just "server" in the client configuration field.

Added: Service Health Aggregate visual on dash ordered by Percent error

Added: For Power User (selected in user profile), Internal Ids , IP addresses shown for components for issue investigation for customers.

Added: On network list page, added network version, network group of network, Network Controller size and location (AWS Regions supported currently).  Location can be selected when creating the network.

Added: Added Auto complete dropdown for attributes filter in component list tables.



Fixed: Management/Network Events not showing up on Network Events page for some networks. Intermittent.

Fixed: Error when trying to create service immediately after loading services page.


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