2.89-2.90 Feb 1, 2022 - Feb 28, 2022 Release Notes

Release Dates to Production: Feb 1, 2022 - Feb 28, 2022

Customer Features / Fixes

Product V7 - Zero Trust Networks Console / Core API Enhancements and Fixes:

User Interface changes features:

Console Signup (Teams/Growth)

  • Allow users to pick between Teams and Growth tier during signup.
  • In Billing management view on Console, added option to upgrade to Growth plan from Teams plan 
  • Console limits Teams to 10 component items for creation.  When limit is reached and customer tries to create new item, a pop up communicates this, and option to go to subscription management to upgrade to Growth plan.

Added: Attributes filter on metrics explorer

Added: Service Health Aggregate visual on dash

Added: For Power User (selected in user profile), NetFoundry Ids shown in list tables for components.

Added: Data tables for network events screen

Added: Users can create networks in any AWS Region. This is so Network controller communications can be closer to user endpoints, for optimal communications timing.

Added: added signup instructions during console signup after organization is created


Network Visualizer fixes:

  • show visualization node icons for utilization and status
  • network visualizer: filter alarms for selected router




Fixed: Attribute explorer was not showing accurate result with large data sources.

Fixed: error when trying to create service immediately after loading services page.

Fixed: services do not get loaded in Appwan service preview, under speci

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