2.85.0-2.86.0 Dec 14, 2021 - Jan 5, 2022 Release Notes

Release Dates to Production: Dec 14, 2021 - Jan 5, 2022


Customer Features / Fixes

Product V7 - Zero Trust Networks Console / Core API Enhancements and Fixes:

User Interface changes/fixes:Other changes/fixes: 



New NetFoundry SaaS Pricing / Signup :   see https://netfoundry.io/pricing/  for details

  • Teams and Growth subscriptions, along with enterprise
  • Signup uses OTT for email verification
  • Subscription view/cancellation/card management in billing management
  • New Account admin button for Account admins



Fixed:  Network Visualizer : Endpoint visualizer fix while using@# both attributes in appwans

create Appwan with both @name and #attribute.
-> /services findService does not have support to pull multiple names and combination if name, attribute.

Fixed:  Network Visualizer : Endpoint visualizer menu item is not visible for readonly user. allow all users to view this feature.

Fixed: Attributes are not showing up on endpoints after Azure Active Directory sync


Fixed: MAC posture check not editable

Fixed: Console shows V6 dashboard before v7 upon login

Fixed: network group not showing up for newer networks

Fixed: share button missing for edge routers

Fixed: Intermittent issues deploying network components (edge routers , controllers) due to auth0 errors.

Fixed: Friendly names are uniformly case-insensitive. The case of characters in names are stored and displayed, but ignored when comparing to ensure uniqueness.

Fixed: Network Download As Code is swapping appwan service/endpoint attributes

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