Sign up for NetFoundry console access and create your Zero Trust Network



This article helps you with the steps to sign up for the NetFoundry Teams/Growth account.




Step 1: Get started on our website

Go to, and click on start now to start the sign-up process



Step 2: Select a plan

Select the plan that suits your organization. For this demo, I've selected the Teams plan



Step 3: Provide sign up details

  • Give your name, and professional email ID (NetFoundry will not allow personal emails like Gmail or Yahoo to sign up),
  • You have to read the terms and conditions before checking I HAVE READ AND AGREE TO THE TERMS AND CONDITIONS.
  • Click on LET’S GET STARTED



Step 4: Choose your console organization name 



Step 5: Validate your account

A verification token would be sent to your registered email ID, enter token then click next.



After successful registration, a prompt validating your email will appear as shown below: 




Step 6: Set your password

Enter a password to create a user account that helps you to login in the console.



You are all set to spin up your zero trust network




Step 7: Additional info

Select the appropriate option which best describes your role 



You are now successfully logged in to the NetFoundry console and please go through the quick start guide to know more about the console and configurations.



Auto-Provisioned networks: 

Networks created on NetFoundry teams and growth accounts have the feature of " auto-provisioning" the network and the NetFoundry hosted fabric routers based on the detail given in step 4 and step 5.

Click on the rotating globe top left corner, this will take you to the networks tab where you can see a network being auto provisioned. The name of the network is picked up from the "org name" provided in step 5. 



Two NF hosted fabric routers are automatically being provisioned with the names " Auto NF Hosted Edge Router 1 and Auto NF Hosted Edge Router 2"  The location for these routers are selected from the inputs given in step 4




The edge router policy is automatically created after the hosted edge routers are provisioned. The policy allows "all" device endpoints to be able to connect to the two fabric routers provisioned. 



Want to see how NetFoundry automation is provisioning your software defined zero trust network? 

Go to Manage networks >> Network Processes - and you can see components being provisioned



In 5-10 min the network is ready for provisioning components and you can see the status changed to provisioned.



You can now start provisioning your endpoints, customer edge routers, services and APPWANs to complete your provisioning. 


Know more on how to get started with your NetFoundry Zero Trust network here.

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