2.76.0 Aug 4, 2021 - Aug 16, 2021 Release Notes

Release Dates to Production: Aug 4, 2021 - Aug 16, 2021

Customer Features / Fixes

Product V7 - Zero Trust Networks Console / Core API Enhancements and Fixes:

  User Interface changes/fixes:Other changes/fixes: 




  • Billing Additions for Organization Account Admin:  Under Organization->Billing Management Menu selection, two tabs are available for the Account Admin.  These tabs are payment profile and Subscription.  These are available to the Administrator that initially signed up for the Organization account.   In manage users, this account admin has the ability to give other users the role of Account Admin full or read only permissions.   It is recommended that only those with account management needs should have these roles.   The subscription information is read only and is set up by NetFoundry finance/sales.   The payment profile is for setup of credit card or invoice billing by the customer.   The types of subscriptions are trial(14 day free), self-service(credit card with limited network capabilities), enterprise (as per the customer contract with NetFoundry).
  • Auto Fabric create ( Edge router / edge router policy create ) helper.  If you have no edge routers set up(for NetFoundry Network Transport), a link on the bottom left of Manage Edge Routers page named "Need help setting up your Edge Routers? Click here!" will appear.  You can select the location nearest where you will be hosting services (for optimal NetFoundry edge router placement) and two edge routers will be spun up and an edge router policy will be added.  This will help with an initial data transport capability.
  • Add Option to Reissue Expired Endpoints via Client Sync: In manage integrations Azure Active Directory sync page, a new option "Automatic Endpoint Reissue" is available. This will reissue registration tokens for endpoints that have expired tokens.
  • Notification of Edge router online/offline via email notifications. Set up in Network Management section.  select ellipses on right for "Notification" options.  This will enable the sending of emails to the admin user that configures it. The alarms will consist of Edge Router offline/online alerts.


  • Fixed: 500 error response for yaml or json for network using embed API option..example
    GET /core/v2/network-controllers?networkId=12345678-e355-44aa-b389-123456eee50&embed=host HTTP/1.1
  • Fixed: anonymous error on role selection for new user invite or edit of existing user
  • Fixed: validation added for empty components bulk upload.
  • Fixed: endpoint of type Router(auto created when customer hosted edge router is created) caused endpoint list select all check box to not work properly (regarding unselect)
  • Fixed: manage API accounts list page filtering.  After Filtering list of API Accounts and selecting select all checkbox, the entire list of API accounts (filtered and unfiltered ones) were selected.
  • Fixed: manage Users list page filtering.  After Filtering list of Users and selecting select all checkbox, the entire list of Users (filtered and unfiltered ones) were selected.
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