Deploy NetFoundry ZTNA on Private Edge Zones - ASE


  1. Azure Stack Edge Box installed and activated. Can follow the following docs to complete this step -
  2. Azure Network Function Manager (Device) needs to be created for ASE in 1. Important Note: To  deploy the NF Edge Router onto the MEC device, one needs to query for the MEC Device Manager. Every MEC device must have one manager associated with it to manage the VNF deployment on to the associated device. Also, this service is in preview mode, therefore customers need to be whitelisted by Microsoft to see this opinion in UI or able to query through APIs. 
  3. ASE network setup  - Expected
    • Port 1 (1GbE) of the physical appliance should be dedicated for local management/access of the appliance
    • Enable Compute must be set to ‘yes’ on port 2 (1 GbE), port 3 (10GbE/25GbE) or port 4 (10GbE/25GbE) of the physical appliance (when you enable compute, a management virtual switch is created on your appliance on that network interface). This port will require open internet access and be able to reach external nameservers in order to register with Azure
    • Port 5 of the physical appliance must be connected for Local Area Network or Access network (for connectivity to other internal network functions and external peers like eNodeBs)
    • Port 6 of the physical device must be connected for WAN or Data network (for external corp/internet connectivity)

Important Note: The NetFoundry Edge Router can only be deployed on the Management Network (i.e. single NIC deployment option) or the Management  and Lan Networks (i.e. 2 NIC deployment option).




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