2.63.0 Feb 8, 2021 - Feb 23, 2021 Release Notes

Release Dates to Production: Feb 8, 2021 - Feb 23 2021

Customer Features / Fixes

Product V7 - Zero Trust Networks Console / Core API Enhancements and Fixes:


  User Interface additions/changes

  • Component Flexible Tables(currently for Services, Endpoints, Edge Routers)  - phase 1 includes pinning columns, scroll to see all fields, choosing fields to view in table, sizing columns.   Added new fields to columns(new ones provided by API, like edge router IP, App version for Endpoints)
  • Re-Exposed Google Cloud selection for data centers in Console for NetFoundry Hosted Edge Routers
  • API added Pagination for Requests for endpoints, edge routers, edge router policies
  • API added Bulk download/upload of network components and network via json
  • Improved validation and errors for resource names in console
  • Added auto fill duplication of port and host fields for edge router HA services (using Add Another)
  • Service and edge router utilization available in reports service
  • Added API for MFA posture check creation
  • Delivered new API for Services (currently accessed via "&beta" via API (this will be removed in next weeks)



Other fixes: 

  • Endpoint attributes not showing up in console
  • added width to preview boxes in console to enable long names to show on one line
  • attributes showing twice in edge routers in console
  • V7 endpoint hosted service, console not showing endpoint attributes
  • fix timing issues with utilization reports
  • update sizing default for Azure Edge Routers
  • Edge router state was not red color in error state
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