2.61.0 - Release Date To Production - Jan 26, 2021

Customer Features / Fixes

Product V7 - Zero Trust Networks Console / Core API Enhancements and Fixes:


  User Interface additions/changes

  • Updated CSV downloads to contain visible fields (endpoint os ver,etc)
  • Fix Billing meter widget in console
  • Fixed utilization metrics to show prior day
  • Component online / offline status in console
  • Endpoint download "download all" selection available on ellipses at top of list page



Other fixes: 

  • Fixed Error not handled while Creating Certificate Authority with invalid cert - now generates proper error code
  • Network status changed to Provisioned with network controller status still in provisioning
  • Add egressRouterName to service in API
  • change networkConfigMetadata to small, medium, large for network creation
  • edge router status stuck in Deleting after delete
  • attributes not assigned to "Certificate Auth - auto created" endpoints
  • need to remove resources in Client Sync for expired Trial accounts
  • Automatically make tab in client sync navigate to active subscription
  • AppWAN preview box is making viewable list shorter than box
  • Make Oracle Edge Routers choice available in Console for NetFoundry Hosted Edge Routers
  • left side console menu can collapse on its own while mouse point inside menu

Known issues: 

  • Temporarily disabled AliCloud and GCP launch of Edge Routers due to issue with allocation of Static IP address.

Legacy fixes:

Removed Manage Notifications form User Profile section. It is in Manage Networks Section.


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