2.59.0 - Release Date To Production - Dec 15, 2020

Customer Features / Fixes

Product V7 - Zero Trust Networks Console / Core API Enhancements and Fixes:


Metrics visualizations - added graphic charts for utilization metrics for components

  • Endpoint Utilizations Visual Graphs
  • Service Utilization Visual Graphs
  • Edge Router Visual Graphs

Endpoint Management Synchronizations 

Updated Client Sync for Azure Ad, On Prem AD, Intune (now Endpoint Manager) console experience and related functions.

  • Changed Manage Subscriptions to Manage Integrations
  • Page is now named Manage Endpoint Lifecycle
  • Selections under Endpoint Lifecycle are Azure Active Dir, Azure Endpoint Manager (formerly Intune), On Prem Active Dir.
  • Display permission errors on AD subscription setup to user
  • Updated client sync API doc info

  Updated Client sync and attribute management to allow addition of manually created attributes other than those created by Azure AD(or other sync) automatically.

  • Console admins can now add other desired attribute tags to Endpoints that are also synced via Azure Ad.  They will have the Attributes from AD groups and the admin supplied ones.
  • If an endpoint is removed from all AD Groups, the Endpoint will be deleted, if automatic client deletion is enabled as part of client sync.  Thus all attributes (custom and AD assigned) will be removed since the endpoint is deleted.
  • If an entire AD group is deleted, the AD group attribute tag will be left on the endpoint, since we don't keep track of how attributes were created(this may be done in a later release)
  • If a console admin adds an attribute to an endpoint, with the same name as an AD group, it would be removed upon the next sync. Similarly if they delete an AD group attribute from an endpoint, it will be re-added if the endpoint is in a corresponding AD group.

Other fixes: 

  • Fixed Service Update/Edit Issues - users could not update service config values without changing service name. This has been fixed.
  • Fixed: Service update errors upon reusing a previous name.  If you created a service, renamed the service, then renamed it back to the original, this would fail.
  • Fixed: create endpoint should return invalid request response
  • Fixed: create endpoint with missing required field should return invalid request response
  • Fixed: API specifications updated/published with proper optional / required fields,etc.

Product V6 - Functionality and Fixes

Fixed: Client Sync Issue: Clients not syncing from Azure AD - We found that the users are getting synced/created from AD list.  But when they register(with their key), a piece of data in the Database for the endpoint is getting cleared out, due to a library/service version mismatch.

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