2.58.0 - Release Date To Production - Dec 1, 2020

Customer Features / Fixes

Product V7 - Zero Trust Networks Console / Core API Enhancements and Fixes:

Posture Checking: this was released as Patch to 2.57.0 and officially released in 2.58.0

- OS posture check added Windows Server as separate OS posture check

- OS posture check added ranges (min, max) min implies a client OS greater than or equal to the min version specified will pass the check.  If max is specified, a client OS less than or equal to the max version specified will pass the check. 

- Updated Posture Check implementation from MVP to production quality status via multiple fixes/changes

- OS posture check IOS version default changed.

- Added handling of "parenthesis" in process paths for posture check


Updated Client Sync support for On Premise Active Directory - Improved initial implementation for Client Sync (creation of endpoints) based on a customer's on premise Active Directory.   The customer firewall port must allow access to the Customer Active Directory Server. More information will be available in support articles and from NetFoundry Support.


Fixed: Edge Router Provisioning: Able to select data center without selecting NetFoundry Hosted Radio Button.

Fixed: Notifications not yet supported for V7 networks

Fixed: Congratulations screen after edge router create was not displaying proper information

Fixed: updating hosted edge router was not getting reflected

Fixed: unable to update edge router with new name and attribute

Fixed: unable to see share button for non-hosted edge router

Fixed: service editor in console shows the wrong hosting strategy

Fixed: Services not populating on list page when navigating from service count box at top of dashboard.

Product V6 - Functionality and Fixes

Fixed: click to add icon on manage notifications page

Fixed: Appwans edit page does not show complete list of clients when navigating from clients page


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