2.57.0 - Release Date To Production - Nov 16, 2020

Customer Features / Fixes

Product V7 - Zero Trust Networks Console / Core API Enhancements and Fixes:

Posture Checking.  

- OS posture check added Windows Server as separate OS posture check

- OS posture check added ranges (min, max) min implies a client OS greater than or equal to the min version specified will pass the check.  If max is specified, a client OS less than or equal to the max version specified will pass the check. 

- Updated Posture Check implementation from MVP to production quality status via multiple fixes/changes


Updated Edge Router Page in Web Console with new layout.  Choose Customer Hosted Edge router or NetFoundry Hosted Edge Router.   Link listener option is available on Customer Hosted Edge Router, as NetFoundry Hosted Edge router has link listener on by default.  See tool tips for details on opening firewall ports and other helpful notes.



Fixed: Edge Router status updates slow


Product V6 - Functionality and Fixes

Oracle Cloud Provider Support for Gateway and Transit Nodes - Network Transport Supports Oracle Cloud Provider for Transit Nodes.   Selection of Transport Nodes is done automatically when Oracle Cloud Gateway is selected as Gateway Type.  Contact NetFoundry Support for Advanced provisioning of Oracle Transit Node utilization for other use cases.




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