2.54.0 - Target Release Date To Production -   Oct 6,  2020

Customer Features / Fixes

Product V7 - Zero Trust Networks Console / Core API Enhancements and Fixes:

  • Fixed: Edge Router Policy #all for endpoints was not including all endpoints in provisioning/preview list
  • Fixed: Removed tag #all for resources (endpoint, service, edge router). Not allowed. 
  • Fixed: service preview in AppWAN not updated with #all selected for services
  • Fixed: AppWANs not refreshing in console after deletion
  • Fixed: Edge router name with special invalid chars allows page exit on update.
  • Fixed: cannot remove #all from Endpoints attributes in Edge Router policy
  • Fixed: added console length validation note for invalid length of attributes for service, endpoint, edge router.


Product V6 

Azure Active Directory Client Sync Functionality and Fixes

  • Fixed: Disabling compliance and then validating & syncing the existing AD subscription(compliance enabled) does not create Clients.
  • When switching sync between members and devices, if 'automatic deletion' is turned on all current clients will be deleted when switching.  A warning was added to denote this to user.

Other fixes

  • Fixed: csv upload of IP Network service should accept comma separated ports
  • HA gateway endpoint current state not returned properly
  • update user signup terms and conditions presentation
  • Selecting Network should bring the user to Dashboard instead of Network Info popup
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