2.51.0 - Target Release Date To Production -   Aug 25,  2020

Customer Features

Product V7 Zero Trust Networks

To create Product V7 Networks refer to our Support Article: Create and Manage Networks

Console / Core API Enhancements and Fixes:

  • fixed redundant hashtag prefix in Edge Router attributes

  • fixed inability to re-use deleted edge router names

  • Added reg key for self hosted edge routers and put jwt/config under advanced dropdown

  • Added 3rd party Cert Enrollment Option for Endpoints

  • Added 3rd party Cert Mgmt
  • Added auto enrollment
  • CSV Download list for AppWAN
  • fixed Refresh required after V7 Network created to add components
  • Attribute selector shows wrong color for resources
  • CSV Downloads for Services and Endpoints
  • CSV Downloads for Edge Routers and Edge Router Policies
  • Make V7 Network default in network create dropdown
  • unable to view first Network Event timeline log 
  • Add "create component from anywhere" (+) support for V7 components
  • For Client requiring NF console Active session (for Client MFA functionality), a specific User role for Endpoint view only can be assigned when inviting users for this console access purpose only.
  • Added-Console should not allow terminating router to be changed on service
  • Added ? tool tips to many pages/fields


Customer Fixes


Azure Active Directory Client Sync - deleted subscriptions fail to remove endpoints and endpoint groups

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