2.50.0 - Target Release Date To Production -   Aug 5,  2020

Customer Features

Product V7 Zero Trust Networks (going Production) enhancements

To create Product V7 Networks refer to our Support Article: Create and Manage Networks

Console / Core API Enhancements and Fixes:

  • Support for Version 0.15.2 OpenZiti 
  • Network 7 Provisioning Status stuck in network dropdown even when network is ready
  • MOP Ziti Console Component Attributes need to be sourced from all component that can create that type of attribute
  • Prod V7 deleted network dashboard is still displayed
  • Prod V7 network Spinner keeps spinning after provisioned
  • Prod V7 Endpoint and other Components name rejected with Underlines
  • Attributes should allow "_" underscores
  • MOP Ziti AppWAN Console Edit: all possible role attributes are sent in the PUT request
  • Services create and Edit : Router Termination details are getting Updated or populated in the Server configuration
  • provisioned date display wrong for V7 networks
  • Ziti :: there was no error validation happening while creating and updating Appwan with in ziti network
  • while updating  endpoint with existing name, page was redirecting to list of endpoints screen 
  • Add Share link to the edge router page, display list of emails model and wire up the share link
  • edge router  and endpoint which is created with @ tag attribute resulting with attribute name including with # and @
  • Update Console to Support Client Requiring Active NF console Session to Access Services on v7 Endpoints
  • "Add from anywhere + new component" POPUP screen was showing up after creating Appwan using the "add from anywhere + button/screen"


Known Issues: 

After Creating a Product V7 Network, a refresh of the browser or re-login is required before network will allow editing of components.    

Create from anywhere "+" from top left toolbar, currently does not offer the Product V7 Network option.  Workaround is to utilize Manage Networks Page "+" button , or network dropdown "+ Add a New Network button".  For more details, see Create and Manage Networks.


Customer Fixes

Appwan As Code is stuck in "Timed Waiting For AppWan Upgrade" for very long and fails with error "errored out"

Service As Code upload process is not displaying the end event in console when we have 52 services

ConsoleUI  :: State from Staged to deleting was not happening while we are selecting and deleting all  azure-virtual-wan-sites

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