2.49.0 - Release Date To Production -   July 28,  2020

Customer Features

Product V7 Zero Trust Networks (Experimental) enhancements

Console / Core API Enhancements and Fixes:

  • Singular attributes - Added "@" attributes support for directly specifying individual components.  Any component will have these automatically and be referenced by them for selection when provisioning other components.
  • Edge Router Region is displayed on Details/edit page
  • Service attributes displayed in service list page
  • Self Hosted Edge Router Edit/Details page now has download/install instructions links
  • Self Hosted Edge Router Details page now has Config file download Button
  • Endpoint Edit/Details page now has download/install instructions links
  • Server Configuration for Tunneler hosted services added to services page
  • Fixed Azure Edge Router Creation.
  • Fixed issue of using names from previously delete components for each component
  • Prevent deletion of edge router that is hosting a service
  • Create from anywhere screen was showing up after creating appWAN from that screen instead of appWAN summary/list page.
  • Fix Edge router count not updating in Network Dashboard 


Other enhancements

Support for GCP Transport Nodes for Product V3-6 - these are utilized when GCP cloud gateway is selected.

Support for UNICODE characters in signup and signup email for user names,etc.  - this will allow for characters of non-english sets to be utilized.

Custom Logo capability - contact NetFoundry Sales/Support for more information

Okta for Console user auth - contact NetFoundry Support for more information


Customer Fixes

Active Directory Sync Delete removes automatically created Endpoint Groups

Gateway Cluster was not getting displayed in IP host service creation form choices

Console appWAN picker was not showing all choices

IP network services mask not applying 

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