2.48.0 - Release Date To Production -   July 14,  2020

Customer Features

Product V7 Zero Trust Networks (Experimental) enhancements

Added enhanced MOP events for Product V7 - more extensive list of events available in Console

Provide Product V7 Ziti Self-Hosted Router Configuration file download via API - this will be incorporated into Console in Release 2.49.0

Support for GCP and AliCloud Hosted Edge Router in Product V7 - this will be incorporated into Console in Release 2.49.0

Product V7 API Enable PUT/PATCH on Services, Edge Routers, AppWANs Endpoints, Router Policy

Console Enhancements and Fixes:

  • After Create Non-Hosted Edge Router, need Edge Router summary/downloads screen to appear
  • Ziti Endpoint Details page should show JWT QR Code for JWT
  • Edge Router status(provisioned/not) should show on Edge Router details / edit page
  • Edge router registration state (provisioned and jwt or not) should show on edge router details/edit page
  • Edge router reg state(provisioned and jwt or not) should show on ER list page
  • Edge Router Region should show on ER details/edit page
  • Edge Router cloud type/location should show on ER list page
  • NF Hosted ER and Self Hosted ER should have building state(non-green spinning icon) in ER list until ready
  • Endpoint Edit/Details should have JWT download until Endpoint is reg/enrolled
  • Edit appwan screen needs to show Edit in title and Update button
  • Network Creation Not Popping up for orgs with no networks
  • Attribute selector for AppWAN create sometimes doesnt show all available endpoint,svc tags
  • List items does not load when the page is refreshed
  • Hide network group dropdown if there's only 1 network group
  • Add indicator that endpoint is registered
  • Unable to see the edited and updated changes in edge router Policies
  • Network Utilization in Product V7 network dashboard
  • Manage networks selection of specific network
  • Network name with less than 5 chars is allowed to proceed(not processed and spins) - fixed to not allow to proceed
  • Console Event Timeline switches networks from Product V6 to V7
  • Legacy Network Creation form doesn't set current network in dropdown - fixed
  • Fixed some odd behavior on pick boxes for components
  • Enable searching on Services, Edge Routers, AppWANs Endpoints, Router Policy pages
  • Enable sorting on Services, Edge Routers, AppWANs Endpoints, Router Policy pages
  • Enable refreshing on Component list pages



Other enhancements

Support for AliCloud Transport Nodes for Product V6 - these are utilized when AliCloud cloud gateway is selected.

Display acceptable georegions, service types, gateway types etc in the as code template - provide list of acceptable values in template


Customer Fixes

Endpoint Groups are Removed if Active Directory Client Sync Config Deleted - Fixed Deletion of AD Client Sync to remove Empty Endpoint Groups after AD subscription config for Client sync is deleted.

Support HA gateway Cluster endpoint for Service - service should support gateway cluster as endpoint in the network as code download yml file



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