2.47.0 - Release Date To Production -   June 30,  2020

Customer Features

Zero Trust Networks (Experimental) - NetFoundry's Product Version 7 contains the new Zero Trust (Ziti) Network Platform capability.   This is a completely new Network Transport Fabric and set of transport components including clients and gateways.  This new type of network and components is not compatible with the current Product version 6 NetFoundry Network.   To create a new Experimental Zero Trust Network, navigate to the Manage Networks Page in the NetFoundry Console and select "+" to create a new network.   Select Product Version 7 (Experimental) as the network type.

Refer to the NetFoundry Support hub documentation and Search for the following articles in: https://support.netfoundry.io/hc/en-us/categories/360000991011-Docs-Guides
Create and Manage Ziti Network
Create and Manage Ziti Endpoints
Create and Manage Ziti Edge Routers
Create and Manage Ziti Edge Router Policies
Create and Manage Ziti Services
Create and Manage Ziti AppWANs

For information on the Ziti open core project and detailed information on Ziti Components and functionality refer to https://developer.netfoundry.io/   and specifically https://ziti.dev/


Improved Access and Documentation for Customers - in https://developer.netfoundry.io/ 



Customer Fixes

API and Console returns up to 2000 Services for Display - Fixed /Increased limit of displayed services in console from 1000 to 2000.   Future releases will address similar to endpoints with pages/searches via API for Console.

Support Gateway HA Cluster in Endpoint As Code Upload and Status - added this capability.

Unable to see the Registration Service network attribute in the network attributes Box  - registration Service IP for whitelisting has been restored in list.


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