2.46.0 - Release Date To Production -   June 11,  2020

Customer Features

NetFoundry Client AppWAN access controlled via NetFoundry Console Session - Provides an additional factor of auth/security for AppWAN access via NetFoundry Clients

Improved Access and Documentation for Customers - in https://developer.netfoundry.io/ 

Added search by Name for Clients in Console -The entire list of Clients can be searched. Removed limitation of searching clients on the current page in console.

Updated AppWAN CSV Download to include clients, gateways, endpoint groups

Network Health Indication - Network Main Dashboard has new section to indicate Network Fabric Transport status during the time period selected in the Network Utilization section.   Green field of chart indicates no Transport Component Critical alarms during the time period.  Red section will indicate a percentage of time a Transport Critical alarm was seen for any service transport pool.   Note: when new transport pools for newly created services are provisioned, the Transport for that service can show as down for short periods of time, thus will show as red.   This will show as a small sliver in time.  This also doesn't imply the other services were/are not available, just ones utilizing the affected Transport pool.  If a persistent red health indication exists, customer support will correct this.    


Customer Fixes

Fix console processing slowdown with AppWANs - Improved queueing for NetFoundry API process requests from Console, etc. for large scale requests.


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