Your organization is now able to create a new network by uploading it as code. Using this ‘as code’ functionality, you are able to create an exact replica of your network or use your existing network as a template to create a new one. When creating an exact replica, all components (gateways, clients, etc.) of your current network(s) will be created in your new network. 

Your Network as Code

Click on the green globe icon to open the navigation menu. From there, click on Manage Networks. Locate the network you’d like to view as code, click on the ellipses menu, and select 'Export YML.' This will provide you with a YML file of your entire network, including all components (AppWANs, Endpoints, etc).


Below is an example of what your exported YML file will look like. Again, this will include all the information for your network and any components you've created within that network. 


Create a New Network from Code

The steps to create your new network as code are similar to the usual steps for creating a new network. Navigate to the Manage Networks page. Click the blue plus-sign icon in the upper-right hand corner of the page to open the ‘Create a New Network’ wizard.  

From this screen, you can download a template network as code, or upload a YML file that you've already edited. It it important to remember that a new network must have a unique name or network creation will fail. 


When you are ready to import your YML file, simply search your computer library or drag and drop the file into the upload box. Next, click create to fully import your YML and begin creating your new network as code. 

Details about each component's progress will be displayed once the process has started. This process may take up to 15 minutes because the program is creating a new network, gateways, clients, appWANs, etc. You can click 'escape' at any time and continue with other work while your network is being created. The new network's globe icon will turn green once all processes have completed. 


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