Configure NetFoundry Windows 10 Client for manual start-up


Tech Bulletin - {Manual NF Win10 Client}


NetFoundry Client installation and manual start up.



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This technical guide has been created to provide additional configuration details on NetFoundry client installations. By default, the NetFoundry client is enabled upon start/restart of your PC. If it is required by your IT or is generally desired to have this manually started -- follow these directions. The complete client endpoint getting started guides and downloads are referenced above.


Complete this installation once you have downloaded the software and have reviewed the support documentation with your Network Security team.


NOTE: In some cases, you may need company Desktop Administrators to complete this for you. It is advised to have the ability to use elevated credentials and the ability to turn off Anti-Virus software during installation.


Proceed through the installation as directed by our standard documentation referenced above.


After entering your registration code and you have been notified that you have successfully registered to the NetFoundry network. You will be prompted with a selection windows where you will select no if you do not


desire the NetFoundry client to start after boot.



From your Start menu, right click NetFoundry start menu item and select more items and Open File Location.


From the DVN folder, select the Start NetFoundry shortcut and right click then select Properties.



From the Properties Window, select the Advanced button from the Shortcut tab.


Next select “Run as Administrator” and hit OK.




You will be prompted to insert NF Client into system tray. Select Yes to finish.








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