2.41.0 - Release Date To Production -   April 7,  2020

Customer Features

  • AppWAN Wizard to Secure S3 Bucket Access with NetfoundryNow, with NetFoundry, you can extend this connection for private S3 buckets, following a zero-trust and least-privileged-access model of security, to your remote users, branch offices, private datacenters and even other cloud service provider over the internet. This ensures you can build highly secure and performant connectivity in minutes using cloud-native tools without the burden of a direct connect solution.
  • New Geo Regions Added for AWS Cloud Gateways - Bahrain and Hong Kong AWS regions added.
  • Transport Fabric Enhancements - Capability to Utilize AliCloud data centers/network for data transport. This is not customer selectable. Contact Sales/Support for more information and support as they will help with network transport needs and optimization, if necessary.
  • AppWAN name length limited to 52 chars  


Customer Fixes

  • AD Clients not created after AD Sync - Corrected Active Directory Sync issues with corresponding NF Clients  being created.
  • Compress Intercept ports (for IP Network Services) to fit more in one service - There is a limitation on how many Intercept Include and Exclude ports can be entered for a IP Network Service.  There has been an improvement made to optimize the list to be more efficient when sending to the underlying technology.  To workaround when the list gets too big, the system will add a second service with a slightly different name (Ex: 1 vs 2) to denote this and put some of the intercepts in each service.   The console will also add a check/warn to indicate when the list is too big in upcoming release.
  • Update of HA Gateway Cluster name (or no update) causes endpoint names (HA01, HA02) to reverse - This would show the wrong HA gateway endpoint as active vs. standby. This has been corrected.
  • Replacing the Ziti bridge gateway in an AppWAN produces incorrect error - Issue with removing and adding a different Ziti Bridge Gateway from/to an AppWAN in one edit session has been corrected.
  • Response Time of CreateNetwork API call taking over 15 seconds - The API call handling has been modified to reduce the initial call response return to less than a second.
  • Network Information missing whitelist ports - IPv4 port 49002 [UDP] added for Network Node IP addresses, which was previously not shown but actually utilized.
  • Unable to change Console Background Color - This has been corrected.
  • Large number of Clients caused Page Loading Issues - For >500 Clients, the Console Client page was loading slow.  A workaround fix was implemented to load 50 per page as the page is selected.  This limits the searching / filtering to only that page.  This will be addressed in future release.
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