NetFoundry VCPE Pre-Install Checklist and Implementation troubleshooting guide.


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NetFoundry VCPE Pre-Install Checklist and Troubleshooting 


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Once you have downloaded the software and reviewed the support documentation it is important to communicate the firewall requirements to your Network Security group in order to register the NetFoundry VCPE with the platform orchestration. The following TCP/UDP ports are required to be open for outbound communications for Endpoint registration and Data path.


Once the VCPE Gateway is provisioned in the Hyper-Visor and the Firewall has been configured you are ready to proceed. Via SSH CLI, we recommend you use a program like Netcat to confirm the ports being opened to resume set up. Follow these steps to install Netcat on the provisioned NetFoundry VCPE gateway:

sudo yum update -y
sudo yum intall nc -y

The next step requires logging into your NetFoundry web console to record your Network Controller IP address and Registration service IP address. From the Manage Network dashboard, double click your network.




Record your findings from the Network Attribute pop-up:




Return to your NetFoundry VCPE Gateway Command-line interface and run the following commands: (Insert the appropriate IP from previous step)


nc -vvz <registration service IP> 18443
nc -vvz <network controller IP> 49012
nc -vvz <network controller IP> 443



These commands should indicate “Connection…. succeeded or Connected” state.


Alternatively - You can also do the same thing with a bash shell script like the following:

echo >/dev/tcp/reg service IP/18443 &>/dev/null && echo "Good to go" || echo "Firewall issue"

echo >/dev/tcp/controller IP/49012 &>/dev/null && echo "Good to go" || echo "Firewall issue"

echo >/dev/tcp/controller IP/443 &>/dev/null && echo "Good to go!" || echo "Firewall issue"

 These commands should indicate “Good to go” state


If they are connected or open, you are ready continue with registering your gateway. If not, continue troubleshooting with your Security group until you have these ports open and/or connected from the NetFoundry Gateway virtual machine.


Create your VCP gateway in the Console and perform the following registration command:

sudo nfnreg <regkey>

 Verify registration:

sudo systemctl status dvn



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