2.39.0 - Release Date To Production -   March 10,  2020

Customer Features 

Service RateSmoothing is defaulted to disabled - RateSmoothing for Services attempts to adjust the rate of playing UDP packets.  For Voice apps, this is not recommended. It is now defaulted to disabled.  Customer support can assist with determining when the situation requires rate smoothing, if ever.

Added Single Region Geo Regions for Endpoints and Service transport - Geo Region selections for Gateways are based upon the type of Gateway Chosen at creation.   The Regions that are selectable will be the regions associated with the provider selected by the customer upon creation.  These are currently AWS, AZURE, Google Cloud Platform. 

Added AZURE data transport for Azure Gateway types


Customer Fixes

Network Nodes IP addresses missing from Network Attributes List  - Some of the transit node IP addresses were not included in the Network Attributes Table.  To access this information in the console, select the network pull-down menu, choose manage networks and then select a network name in the list.  This will show a list of components and their IP addresses.  A csv may also be downloaded from that display.  

This is so customer can access NC IP Address for whitelisting the IP address when clients and gateways connect to Network Controller, Transfer Nodes, Registration Server, etc. through customer firewalls to the IP Address of those devices.

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