2.35.0 - Release Date To Production -   Jan 14, 2020

Customer Features 

  • Enhanced User Standard Role assignment and management - User permissions management has been extended to allow organization admin and network group admin user to assign/edit other user permissions to have admin and read only permission on a network basis.  They can also assign other users the organization and network group admin/read only roles.   User cannot change the permissions of their own user id. For User permission management, navigate to Organization icon (near bottom of left bar in console), then select manage users, then select the "ellipses" and "edit roles". Add and remove roles with the selections.
  • Enhanced Organization/Network reporting and analytics - Added Network Group Summary information and charts in organization reporting and analytics section of console.
  • Ziti Pure(Ziti Fabric) Network 3rd party CA support

  •  JWT download for gateways for Ziti Pure(Ziti Fabric) Networks 

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