2.30.0 - Release Date To Production -   Oct 22, 2019

Customer Features 

  • Export Lists of Entities to CSV files -  On entity list pages of console, lists can be exported to CSV. As a console user, i want to export lists of entities (gw, client, services, etc) to csv files.
  • Network Alarms List expanded to contain detail - The details of the the Network Alarms is shown in the list instead of user having to select specific alarm for detail.
  •  AVW(Azure Virtual WAN) Sites Registration keys download - AVW Sites page has csv download for registration keys and status
  • Clients and Gateways list page have registration keys download to csv
  • Deletion of multiple entities require confirmation - Deletion of (clients, gateways, services) with bulk selection/deletion via ellipses or (minus) delete button requires second confirmation.
  • Deletion of Networks, Network Groups, Organization require confirmation - Deletion Networks, Network Groups, Organization requires a second confirmation of typing "delete" and the name of entity being deleted.
  • Bulk deletion of Networks, Network Groups, Organizations is no longer allowed.


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