2.29.0 - Release Date To Production -   Oct 8, 2019

Customer Features 

  • AppWAN as code -  

    Create AppWANs and member components via upload of a YML specification including Endpoints(Clients and Gateways), Services, and Endpoint Groups.  Select the "Create and import your AppWAN as Code" card on the Create AppWAN page, and download an example YML file for help starting out.  Modify and utilize for any appWANs you need to create.

  • Updated User Invitation Form - User Invitation Dialog now provides entry of Desired Roles to be assigned to user for permissions of the user.


  • Destructive Delete Requires Additional Confirmation - Network Groups, Networks, Organizations Deletion in Console now require user to perform an extra confirmation step by typing DELETE in a dialog box.


  • Current User Name Edit Capability - NetFoundry Console Modifications to allow Users (the NetFoundry Console currently logged in user) to edit their first and last names in the Active User "personal settings" selection.
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