2.27.0 - Release Date To Production -   Sept 10, 2019

Customer Features 

  • Seven Day free trial email notifications added for impending expiration and reminder that network will become unavailable unless credit card is entered for payment subscription.
  • User can reset their MFA or admin user can reset MFA of another user in Manage Users in Console.  This will bring up new MFA setup when user logs in again to console.
  • Dynamic lookup for the VTC ID to Console ID in Alarms Panel. NetFoundry Network Alarms correlate the Console Client Name with the ID shown on the NetFoundry Client App on MAC/Windows client status page
  • As a self-service customer, I need my invoice to contain certain information, so I can pay my bill and have access to tax info, etc.  Invoice now available for self-service customer with billing information

  • As a customer using console, i need to know my product version for the network I am using
    Product Version 4 is the default network version (before October 2019). In Upcoming release, the Network capabilities will be updated and result in NetFoundry Product version 5. The network components (including clients) will not be compatible beteween Product Version 4 and 5. The Console will display in the Product version in the Network Applications bar, and also in the network details in the Manage networks (network ellipses selection for details).

    For Client and gateway download packages, the user will be taken to the proper download page from the console.

  • As a Console user , i would like the Users and Invites on separate tabs
  • Self -Service Billing 7 day free trial expiration reminders. Daily emails are sent to user to remind them there trial will expire. When expired, trial will be shut down by NetFoundry
  • Self-Service Free Trial Conversion paid Account via Credit card.  Customer has the option to add a credit card to Self Service trial to become paid customer

Customer Fixes

  • n/a
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